Do you want to become a reseller?

Do you want to become a reseller?

Do you want to sell our products in your shop? To do so, you can simply select the items you wish from our himatoys prospectus. There is no minimum order quantity per product, except products marked accordingly. For products which are available at our warehouse, the minimum order value is 600 USD. These products are usually dispatched within two to three weeks after receipt of payment.

For products which are not in stock, a minimum order value of 2000 USD is required. Depending on the product and availability of the basic materials, we need two to three months to ship them.

For combined products, warehouse and production, the minimum order value is 1500 USD.

All products are shipped FOB (FREEONBOARD). On request and at a surcharge of 10%, we also organize “door to door” delivery for our customers, whereby all extra costs are passed on to the customer.

Customers who include a large part of our products in their assortment are additionally included on our website as a reseller and directly linked.

We also offer extra packages for day care centers and schools. For further information, please click here >>>

himatoys does NOT sell individual products to customers! If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, please look for a vendor near you.