Wooden Toys

Himatoys products are made from FSC certified wood that comes from sustainable source, providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

Production is carried out under fair and equitable working conditions in a safe and healthy work environment. The supply chain is internationally standardized which guarantees quality, efficiency and safety. Any production surplus is recycled, and all used lacquers and varnishes are safe and non-toxic. They are also saliva and sweat resistant which makes himatoys ideal for children’s play.

The use of rubber wood fiber in toys fulfill the highest ecological criteria, as they are long-lasting, sustainable and biodegradable. The toys are a bit costly, but they last a long time which can be passed down to several generations.

Stamp Set

Stylish calligraphy stamps for everyone!
This beautiful, handmade stamp set consists of 9 classic Islamic expressions that are frequently used in our daily lives or on special occasions.

“Rainbow Mosque” Building Blocks

The game for boundless fun!
Whether stacking, building, constructing or sorting, this set of colorful building blocks will keep kids engaged for hours. Their size with a versatile variety of shapes makes them challenging enough for a child to become a great mosque artist.

Magnetic Prayer Calendar

Let your child connect with daily prayers!
This colorful magnetic calendar offers children to playfully learn about the Islamic months and the five daily prayers which gives them a greater sense of control and responsibility.

Pull-along Camel

A perfect alternative to the traditional pull-alongs!
This simple, handmade toy not only stimulates children to crawl, but also supports the walking process which is a great way to encourage mobility, balance skills and an understanding of cause and effect.

Desert Village

Orient meets Occident: The distant desert town comes very close!
This interactive game consists of 27 different wooden pieces (1x mosque, 11x houses, 1x tent, 1x boiler, 1x well, 2x palm trees, 1x pitcher, 3x goats, 3x persons, 1x camel, 1x mosque) which represents a small inhabited oriental village in a desert.

Ark of Nuh A.S

Let the Story of the Prophet Nuh A.S. come to live once again!
This colorful, lovingly crafted wooden game consists of a ship and 12 robust, easy-to-grasp animal pairs (Zebra, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, tortoise, hippo, peacock, skunk, monkey, lion, camel and bird) representing the story of the prophet Nuh in a creative way.

Interactive Wooden Game “Prophet Yunus A.S.”

Let’s bring learning and creativity together!
This colorful wooden game consists of 14 different building blocks which comes with a folding card, featuring the story of the prophet Yunus A.S. on a beautiful background illustration. They represent the characteristic moments from the prophet's story such as a ship, a whale, oriental buildings, etc.

Small StackingMosque

The creative mosque plug-in!
This uniquely designed puzzle offers different colors of blocks, inviting children to arrange and build mosques using their creativity and imagination.

Makkah / Madinah Puzzle

The 2 in 1 MosquePuzzle!
This double-sided puzzle let children themselves decide which motif to use. One side of the puzzle shows the Prophet Mosque in Madinah, and the reverse side shows the Kaabah in Makkah.