Our Products

3D Mosque Puzzle

Build a mosque in 3D!
This wooden puzzle adds a whole new experience and challenge level for any kids to build a mosque in three dimension.

Wooden Memory

The fancy Islamic Pair-matching game!
This Wooden Memory set contains 8 pairs of pictures. Each pair represents two associated activities in our daily lives. The goal of the game is to detect the pairs which belong to each other.

Safa and Marwa Dolls

The two friends will never get you bored!
The two cotton dolls Safa and Marwa are interesting and special - just like real life people. Each doll is beautifully designed and dressed in a colorful, long sundress.

Safija Doll

100% Organic Cotton Doll!
Safija, the small Muslima, is a beautiful handmade doll perfect for small hands to grasp and cuddle. This travel-friendly toy easily fits into a nursery backpack, and due to its handy size and soft material, it fits optimally in any child’s hand making it a unique gift that children will treasure for years to come.

Fabric Cube

Discover, play and learn!
This very appealing, colorful fabric cube is made of organic cotton, inviting babies to feel and explore. Each side of the cube is designed in a unique and creative way to catch a baby’s attention.

Prayer Carpet “Palm tree” – “Water Lily”

The prayer rug for children - colorful and Universal!
No wonder every child would fall in love with our beautiful, handmade prayer rugs. This is a great way to encourage children to pray, and to let them enjoy praying with their very own rugs.

Alif, Ba Ta Wall Hanging

Let’s learn the Arabic alphabet!
The Alif Ba Ta Wall Hanging is designed with the motive of encouraging children to discover the Arabic alphabet in a fun and interactive way. This unique wall hanging makes learning easier than ever with fun colors and playful patterns, placing small stuffed animals in each corresponding pocket for every letter in the alphabet.