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Small StackingMosque

The creative mosque plug-in!
This uniquely designed puzzle offers different colors of blocks, inviting children to arrange and build mosques using their creativity and imagination.

Makkah / Madinah Puzzle

The 2 in 1 MosquePuzzle!
This double-sided puzzle let children themselves decide which motif to use. One side of the puzzle shows the Prophet Mosque in Madinah, and the reverse side shows the Kaabah in Makkah.

Balancing Minaret

The balancing game in the form of a beautiful minaret!
This game requires a little patience, because the foundation of the minaret is a half-circle block. The pieces must be stacked carefully, so the tower doesn’t lose its balance. This is great for children to explore the center of gravity and how to balance against opposing forces.

Alif, Ba Snail Puzzle

Let’s learn the Arabic Alphabet with our snail puzzle!
This colorful and harmoniously designed puzzle game helps children to learn the arabic letters as well as their sequence in a playful way which aids to improve their concentration and language development. It is also great for enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor development.

Kaabah Puzzle

The Kaabah for Home!
This wooden cube puzzle consists of 7 pieces, and when assembled together, it offers an eye-catching representation of Kaabah.

Colored Wooden Puzzle “Mosque with Rainbow”

The colorful mosque puzzle for little hands!
This mosque puzzle consists pieces of different sizes placed within the framework, which are especially designed for toddlers as a way to introduce them to the world of puzzles.

Five Pillars Wooden Puzzle!

The colorful wooden puzzle to learn the five pillars of Islam!
This 5 piece organic puzzle is easy for small kids to grasp and stack. It has a stable frame in which the five wood pieces are assembled together.

The Prophet’s Genealogical Tree (3D Puzzle)

The tricky 3D puzzle of the prophet's genealogical tree!
This wooden puzzle consists of 30 pieces which depicts the lineage of the prophets from Adam (AS) to the prophet Muhammad (SA). The front side of the puzzle shows the names of 25 prophets in English, and on the reverse side, the names are mentioned in Arabic.